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The swimmer's snorkel allows swimmers to focus on stroke technique with no need to turn their head to breathe. Enabling full range of motion and comfort while doing more complex exercises. 

This Training tool can be used for:

  • Improving drill technique
  • Improving swimming technique 
  • Kicking exercises
  • Sculling


  • Centre mount design 
  • Comfortable in the water, breathe easy, improve technique through drills

One way purge valve
Allows for clear and easy breathing 

Adjustable head bracket

Can be work in conjunction with swim caps and goggles

Hydrodynamic design 

Helps promote a correct still head position.

Liquid silicone mouth piece

Allows for clear and easy breathing 

Used for improving technique 

Used for all four strokes to help improve technique through drills. The actual skill of the still or stroke can be focused on when the breathing turning of the head is taken out of the equation.