Tutukaka Ocean Group Swimmers (or TOGS for short) based on the Tutukaka Coast, NorthlandFrequency of Swims? Four Times a week-       Main group swim at 10am on Sunday from Pacific Bay-       Smaller groups swim 9:30am and 5:30pm on Wednesday and 9:30am on Friday from Pacific Bay-       Over Summer Holidays swims are usually dailyApprox Number in Group? Usual Number of Swimmers?-       In Summer, Sunday group can get to 40-60, Weekdays usually 4-6 (more the closer to Xmas you are)-       In Winter, Sunday group usually 6-12, Weekdays 4-6Level of Swimmers?Entry Level to Midrange – Group caters to a range of abilities, with the Sunday swim generally 3k plus, but with options for less confident swimmers to stay close or return to shore early. General group pace is 20-30min per km. Swims can be through rocks/reefs with some surge/currents but risky locations can be easily bypassed. There are generally 2-3 groups swimming of different abilities, so its easy to find a level/route that works for you.There are also a small number of adventure swimmers who look at faster or more adventurous swims (through rock mazes and caves/arches and away from safer waters). These swims are for experienced swimmers, and a small group can usually be rustled up for an epic adventure if you are up for something a bit more challenging – these are usually only open to swimmers we know or have swum with so get in contact early and try to make a regular swimMinimum Swimming Ability?Generally would suggest being able to do 1,500m will allow you to join in and see some great sites (sea cave at entrance or loop of island in harbour). However being able to do 3km in under 90 minutes should have you comfortably with the group). Many entry level swimmers have only done 750m before joining in, but 1.5k is where the magic startsFor adventure swims, the main criteria is a calm head – speed/strength is a great asset, but awareness of your surroundings, a realistic dose of common sense and care for your fellow swimmers is much more important. Know your limits and be honest with yourself and with us, as you can get into trouble pretty easily if you are not careful.Cost to join/for swims?Free – except for the traditional coffee and lunch at the local café afterwards. Many TOGS swimmers are also members of Northland Openwater Swimming Association (NOWSA) to access pool squads and other benefitsEthos of Group?We are a relaxed and casual bunch who love to swim in the ocean on the beautiful Tutukaka CoastWhat's your Why?Apparently the coffee, pies and good company afterwards, but I would say that shared experiences swimming some of the most stunning coastline in New Zealand. TOGS has always been about support each other to develop the skills and confidence to be able to fully experience what the Tutukaka Coast (and NZ) have to offer. What are you trying to achieve?First and foremost, TOGS is social, but given that Tutukaka coast is remote and exposed, ensuring a safe environment for all is paramount.  Never swim alone, its just not worth it especially up here where local knowledge goes a long way.How can people join you?Join the TOGS Facebook Group TOGS if visiting (you must be visiting or have a connection to Tutukaka as its mainly a communication channel for the group), or reach out to Trudi Bridges, Tracey Messinger or David Traill if you are thinking of visiting and want to join in.Trudi Bridges  - trudi.bridges14@gmail.comTracey Messinger - tracey@aspireswimcoaching.co.nzDavid Traill – david@oceantrail.co.nzAnything Else?-       Tow floats are compulsory for swims outside the harbour and highly recommended for all swims due to boat traffic and general safety-       TOGS is part of the wider Northland Openwater Swimming family – with many cross over events and training with the Whangarei Heads Openwater Swimming (WHOS) group and with many members also part of NOWSA to access squads and to support other northland swimmers travelling as a group to the many open water swim events around NZ (and beyond)