Swim Smarter with SWM LAB.

Introducing SWM LAB – for swimmers by swimmers, powered by a Neptune TX River System. The SWM LAB can assist all levels from beginner through to advanced. Our multi camera set up, strategically positioned both underneath and above the pool, will ensure no element of the stroke is missed. Our video analysis software which will allow for both immediate and delayed playback, is perfect for you or your coach to analyse either in person or via the cloud from anywhere in the world.

The SWM LAB is for everyone, from beginner swimmers to ocean swimmers to competitive swimmers. You can either record a session and upload to the cloud for a coach anywhere in the world to analyse, or, bring your own coach/swim group in to use the facility.

Available Options:
BRONZE – 30 minute Casual Swim Session - This option allows you to self analyse while you are swimming with a delayed view on a TV screen mounted on the pool deck. With this option, there will be no video content to take home.

SILVER – 30 minute Video Swim Session - This option will allow you to self analyse while swimming, as well as being able to receive a link of all recorded video that will enable you and/or your coach to analyse post session. There is also an option here for you to book one of our recommended coaches – the coaches fee will be paid directly to the coach and will not be done via our booking system. The list of coaches and their contact details is available on the SWM LAB landing page. The recommended coaches fee is $50 for your 30 min session.

GOLD – 1 hour Video Swim Session for groups or clubs. This option will allow you to bring your club coach and squad for a 1 hour video session. The coaches will be allowed to be on deck, as well as being able to receive a link of all recorded video per swimmer that will enable you and your coach to analyse post session. This includes a swimmer walkie talkie to receive real time feedback from your coach while you are swimming.
Happy Swimming!