Leigh Swimmers

Leigh Swimmers who are quite literally swimming in paradise right now!

Location - Leigh, Goat Island, Omaha, Pt Wells.

Frequency of Swims - Pretty much every day, year round.

Approx Number in Group - 350.

Usual Number of Swimmers - up to 30.

Level of Swimmers - All levels.

Minimum Swimming Ability - Must be able to freestyle. We have an intro to ocean swimming session Fridays at 9am at Mathesons Bay, Leigh, for rusty/rookie/transitioning pool lapsters. We also do bigger safaris (3-5km).

Cost to join - Free!

Ethos of Group - We swim for joy, health, camaraderie, to explore our coastline and for the post-swim chat (sometimes there’re even muffins!).

What we are trying to achieve - We want to swimfluence as many people as possible!

People can join in by - emailing kaye@yogifish.nz or joining our Facebook Group

Check out www.yogifish.nz for yoga and ocean swimming adventures