Kohi Kippers

Location - Kohimarama Beach, Auckland

Frequency of Swims - Saturday Mornings

Approx Number in Group - 170+

Usual Number of Swimmers - 30-40 in summer 20 in winter

Level of Swimmers - All levels, wide range of experience and abilities.

Minimum Swimming Ability - Swim 200 meters

Cost to join - Free! It’s a casual swim group. No coaching.

Ethos of Group - To enjoy swimming and look after each other out in the water. Sociable coffee, cake and chat afterwards.

What we are trying to achieve - To have fun and help people reach their goals. Do what’s right for you.

We have a Private Facebook Group - you must have swam with the group on a Saturday morning to be accepted.

People can join in by - sending a messenger message to one of the group admin, to get details of times and meeting point

Come along and join a friendly group. We’ll look after you. We all started swimming just wanting to make it to the other end of the pool without sinking!