Why is Technical Swimwear so much Faster than ordinary togs?

Whether you are an aspiring competitive swimmer or a recreational swimmer, technical racing swimwear can make a significant difference in your speed and performance in the pool. But why? What is it about this type of swimsuit that helps you to move faster? Let’s take a look at the science behind how technical racing swimwear makes you swim faster.

The Fabric Matters
The fabric used in technical racing swimwear is designed to be lightweight and tight-fitting. This helps to reduce drag and water resistance, which means that you can move more easily and quickly through the water with less effort. In addition, technical racing suits have been designed with stretchy materials like elastane (Lycra) so that they conform to your body as you move, creating an even smoother surface for you to glide through the water.

Buoyancy Is Key
The other important factor behind why technical racing swimsuits make you go faster is buoyancy. Technical racing suits are designed with materials that are hydrophobic—they repel water instead of absorbing it—which means that they help keep swimmers afloat in the water instead of dragging them down. This reduces fatigue by allowing swimmers to focus their energy on swimming rather than staying afloat, which ultimately leads to improved performance in the pool.

Finally, technical racing suits are also engineered with aerodynamics in mind. The fabric is designed to reduce turbulence and create a streamlined shape when wet, which makes it easier for swimmers to cut through the water and decreases drag from wind resistance when competing outdoors. Additionally, some manufacturers have added features such as integrated panels or compressive zones around key areas like shoulders and hips which can further improve performance by reducing drag even more.

In conclusion, it's clear that there are a number of factors at play when it comes to why technical racing swimwear makes swimmers go faster. From its lightweight fabric designed to reduce drag and water resistance, its buoyancy properties that help keep swimmers afloat while they focus on their technique, and its aerodynamic design meant to minimise turbulence—technical racing suits offer numerous advantages over regular swimming costumes when it comes to improving speed in the pool! So if you’re looking for an edge over your competition or just want to improve your personal best times, investing in a quality technical racing suit could prove invaluable!

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