Whangarei Heads Ocean Swimmers (WHO’s) - Auckland

Location: Whangarei Heads – Whangarei Harbour incl. Parua Bay & Taurikura, and the East Coast incl. Smugglers & Ocean Beaches, Pataua, & Taiharuru.

Frequency of Swims: Shorter swims (2km) every Saturday and longer ones on Sunday (3-4km) in summer and often during the week after work, depending on the season. Weekend swims in winter.

Approximate number in Group: 245 – turnout between 5 and 15 typically

Level of Swimmers: All levels – we welcome swimmers of all abilities

Minimum Swimming Ability: 200m – our swim venues allow for flexible options

Cost to join/swims: Free – WHO’s are casual swimmers

Ethos of Group: To be part of a community of swimmers who share a common interest and enjoy the camaraderie of swimming with a group. We often meet afterwards for a coffee and cake at one of our local cafés.

What’s your ‘Why’: The opportunity to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of what we have at the Whangarei Heads with clear water, native forests, volcanic cones, and wildlife.

What are you trying to achieve: For some, it's the physical and mental benefits of swimming in the ocean; for others, it’s the opportunity for adventure, exploring, and appreciating the natural beauty around us.

How can people join you?

Join our Facebook Group and see posts for upcoming swims.


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