Welcome to the new Swim T3 Blog

Welcome to the new Swim T3 Blog - we're not just about trying to help people get what they need for the water - we wanted to find a way to celebrate what you do in the water as well - because to be honest, it's kind of inspiring!

Every day we hear stories in our stores about people returning to the water - for their health, for the friendships, or just to help them feel more confident in the water.  We see athletes working so hard to improve themselves every day - aiming for goals like world champs and the Olympics, and we see people set themselves seemingly impossible challenges, like Ironman and work their asses off to make it happen.

So we decided to celebrate that here, by creating a place to celebrate all of you who inspire us and to help inspire others along the way.

So stay tuned, with so many events left for the summer, it's going to be great to share everything with you!

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