Waitakere Masters Swimming Club - Auckland

Waitakere City Master Swimming Club is based in West Auckland (West Wave Aquatic Centre & Kelston Girls College Pools).

Swimming 3-4 x per week with coaching by Simon Mayne up to 3 evenings per week.

Approx 35-40 Members aged 20 upwards. Our oldest member is 82.

Usual 16 Swimmers at each swim.

Mixed ability of swimmers. Some swimmers swim for fitness, others compete in pool &/or ocean events. Our club is proud to have members who are National Record holders & those who have achieved significant personal goals such as Ironman & Lake Taupo crossings amongst others. We currently hold 3 National Club trophies but get just as excited about participation & personal achievement as we do about placings & awards. Some of our members have been around since the club was established over 30 years ago but we welcome new members & they soon feel like part of the family.

Minimum Swimming Ability 200m non stop. We have several training lanes & swim in speed matched groups.

Annual subs of approx $100 which includes membership to the National body of NZ Masters Swimming. Lane fees are on top of this & cover our pool space hireage.

The NZ Masters Swimming motto is Fun, Fitness & Friendship. This is what our club is all about. Getting together with like minded people who love to swim & helping encourage each other to achieve our goals. As well as training & competing together, we have several social events over the year & also have been involved in many charity swims, raising money to help others in the community. We basically just enjoy each others company & this in itself provides endless motivation, mental, emotional & physical health benefits.

A supportive environment for adult swimmers to keep fit, have fun & be encouraged to push their boundaries & challenge themselves if they choose to.

People who are keen to come along & try us out are welcome to get in touch either through ourFacebook page https://www.facebook.com/WaitakereMasters/ or via email at waitakerecitymasterswimmers@gmail.com
We are all about finding you new people to swim with and encouraging new swimmers to hit the water.

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