The Washing Machines - Wellington

The 'Washing Machines'!Location -  Mostly Freyberg beach, Oriental Bay, Wellington:Frequency of Swims - Everyday.Number in Group - 89 swimmers currently in the WhatsApp Group.Usual Number of Swimmers - Most days couple groups in morning, sometimes one early evening. Usually 8-12 each group. Usually minimum of 10 having Kawhe in Lola Stays Cafe.Level of Swimmers - Range from Ex Olympian/ retired SLSers/pool swimmers/confident recreation swimmers.Minimum Swimming Ability - Prob confident 200m freestyle open water.Cost to join - Free! Buy your own Kawhe.Ethos of Group - Keep fit/Good Company/Friendships/Kawhe/ Good Kirihimete Dooo.People can join in by - Turning up Freyberg Beach 6.50am for a 7ish swim weekdays. 7.20 for a 7.30ish swim Sat & Sun

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