The FurSeals - Auckland

HQ for the FurSeals is at the Dunnies at St Heliers by the Boat Ramp where they swim weekends. Mon to Fridays they swim out of Kohi. Low tide days from Ladies Bay
FurSeals swim for around an hour every morning usually 7.30am. throughout the year.
Roger Soulsby sends out a “FurSeal Muster” Email every Thursday night. There’s over 200 on the list locally & spread around the globe. This Email contains swim times / other events / topical swim interesting news plus about 10 or so pics of each weeks activities. This Email was begun by Margaret Henley way back in about 2003 as a method of letting FurSeals know when swim times were from St Heliers.  
Regulars range from 6 up to a dozen with 18 to 24 on more significant special swims.
The majority are ocean swim experienced but many began by just getting out to the Yellow Buoy line – like Roger!!
FurSeals encourage everyone so long as they can swim out to a Yellow Buoy, then we coax them to new heights & adventures 
There is no cost to join or participate.
The FurSeals have a history going back to the 1990’s when they undertook adventurous swims (Bean Rock; Rangi to St Heliers etc) in all weathers. They not only swim together but participate in “many away swims” even to Pacific Islands! There is a close bond not only “on the water” but also “off the water” when they gather for post swim hot drinks & a catchup!
The FurSeals are all about providing the opportunity for any swimmers (any age) who wishes to give ocean swimming a try no matter what time of year. Building confidence, overcoming health issues as well as forming lifelong friendships.
FurSeals also run a Viber Group (on mobile phones) for daily interaction & swim updates between the weekly Musters. They support other Swim Groups around the country & know most of the key people in each one. They also organise swims that involve ‘circumnavigations’ like a recent Tiritiri Matangi Island adventure. They also engage in “commemoration swims”; Like commemorating ANZAC day with a ‘landing at Ladies Bay & laying a Poppy onshore‘; ‘Carols at the Yellows’; Early in the dark morning swims. Not forgetting commemoration swims for those who’ve passed on.
For more details or to join in on a swim  Or Roger Soulsby 021435506 /
We are all about finding you new people to swim with and encouraging new swimmers to hit the water. 

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