Nelson Sea Swims - Nelson

In Nelson there are many groups, which overlap and interlock.

The Nelson Triathlon and Multisport Club organises two series of races, the Rylock Sea Swim Series of 18 races, held on Thursday nights, register before 6pm for 6.15pm start.

The distances of these vary from about a 1km at the start of the season, building to nearly 2km, with a short option as well.

There’s a group with no name that swims whenever possible throughout the year, before work during the week and at other times in the weekend. They’re connected via a WhatsApp group, so no public notifications.

We have a smaller group that swims at 10am through the summer and is also loosely connected by a FB group.

There are a couple of other groups swimming shorter distances at various times.

The Tri Club organises pool training at Riverside pool and Richmond pool, 6am Monday, Wednesday, Friday (normal pool admission charges) and Saturday at Riverside, 6.45am to 8.30am, coaches in attendance, $10 (Cash) charge.

Location? Variously Nelson Yacht Club or Tahuna Beach - sometimes Kaiteriteri.

Frequency of Swims? Almost all the time, summer and winter in pool and sea.

Approx Number in Group? Casual groups usually small, up to 20, competition events about 150.

Level of Swimmers? From zero to hero.

Minimum Swimming Ability? Minimal, although most people can manage a kilometre or two.

Cost to join/for swims? Casual swims are free, for competition - see website (link below).

Ethos of Group? What's your Why? We like to swim, to laugh and talk, to boast, eat cake and drink coffee.

How can people join you?
Facebook - Nelson Sea Swims
Website -
Email -

BTW Nelson Swimmers Swim T3 are doing a roadie to your area and will be in Nelson on the 29-30th October with loads of swim goodies!

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