In the event of an event...

Oh boy have we been busy with events around the country this week!

In Invercargill there's the Country and Town meet at Splash Palace, in Christchurch there's the Waitaha Summer Sizzler at Jellie Park, the Surf Life Saving Ocean's 20 in Mount Maunganui, the Takapuna Beach Series in Auckland and the Waikato Summer Championship meet in Hamilton!

And of course this week coming up there's Ironman Taupo, the ASA Age Groups and Breca Wanaka - Autumn may be here but the events still make it feel like summer!

And we love doing events - we make sure we're as stocked and as safe as possible - water and electricity aren't a good mix after all, but there's other hidden dangers you may not be aware of.

Like unauthorised pop up stores!  There's one brand in particular that are really good at rolling in, setting up, taking your money and going.  We're not going to name them but wanted to let you know about some of the issues we've found with them.  Mostly it's boring tax stuff to be fair - products shipped into the country, not listed as items for sale breach fair trade rules, then being sold here without paying GST in NZ is also illegal.  And those caught buying from them can be stung for extra because all products sold in New Zealand must have GST attached, and not paying your taxes is something frowned upon by IRD.

Of course, this is all up to you - but for us it's a matter of trust.  We stand by our products, can trace the supplier and guarantee it's authenticity, and we're proudly kiwi through and through!

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