Eye on Ironman 2020

It's a huge year for Ironman in NZ this year, Taupo is playing host to the world champs for the 70.3 competition in December and in just a couple of weeks it's hosting a sold out full and half event as well!

Before then there's been Challenge Wanaka, and this weekend there's The People's Tri and Chelsea Swim in Auckland - all great lead in training events.

What we see every year is a passion and drive around Ironman, people who are seasoned professionals and people who are really new to it - and for all of them the nerves are really obvious!

While we can help with gear, tips and advice though - nerves are one of the things we can't help a lot with other than to point out that even just signing up and going forward with it is an amazing feat.  An all day endurance event is hard for many to fathom and harder still for many to comprehend - and signing up for it is an amazing way to show how much effort and work you've put into achieving your goals - an attitude that so many of us could learn from and be inspired by.

So if you're looking for gear, advice or a friendly ear, hit us up!  Our six stores know the deal after all, and we'll be in Taupo ourselves at the expo from March 5, so come on in and say hi, check out the latest gears and relax a bit before the big day!

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