AquaGym Swim Club - Christchurch

Location: 459 Cashel Street, Christchurch

Frequency of swims: Up to 10 sessions per week

Approx number in group: 80

Usual number of swimmers: 20-30, depending on the squad and session

Level of swimmers: Advanced or competitive level

Minimum swimming ability: Able to train for up to two hours

Cost to join/for swims: Varies depending on the squad level, is generally paid monthly

Ethos of group/what’s your why:

The 5 key values that define AquaGym Swim Club are:

WINNING ATTITUDE – Long term success from regional to international level

COMMITMENT – Achieving personal success, be the best you can be, having fun

RESPECT – Family friendly, sportsmanship, recognition

TEAM WORK – Being a strong cohesive team, supporting each other

LEADERSHIP – Produce more leaders, not more followers

What are you trying to achieve:

At Aquagym we aim to succeed at swim meets locally, regionally and nationally while having fun along the way!

How can people join or contact you:

Contact the head coach, David Prattley, at



Thanks to Zac Baker (who is part of the Aquagym Squad and also a SwimT3 Staff Member) for the post!

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