Bay to Bay

North Shore, Auckland


Frequency of Swims? almost daily


Approx Number in Group: 400 members of the MeetUp group


Usual Number of Swimmers: Anything from 3 to 30 per event


Level of Swimmers? The full spectrum. There is @jonoridler at the one extreme. At the other end of the scale are those who came to swimming from another sport because of injury, for example, and this is their first season in the ocean.


Minimum Swimming Ability? 2km freestyle in open water in under an hour.


Cost to join? nil


Ethos of Group? What's your Why? Coffee. Humour. Fun. Social. oh, and also the occasional swim.


What are you trying to achieve? You will always have a friend to go swimming with.


How can people join you? Newcomers are required to sign up at Contact Details?


Anything Else? WhatsApp (by invitation only).