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Wide angle, Optical Grade, polycarbonate lenses provide crystal clear vision when it counts.

Products Specs: TPR Gaskets, Corrective Lens Construction, Leak-Proof Protection, Easy Adjust Snap-Locks

Know no boundaries in TYR Corrective Optical Adult Goggles.

Featuring wide angle, optical grade, polycarbonate lenses incorrective diopters (-2.0 through -8.0), the LGOPT acts as an alternative to contacts and provides athletes with crystal clear vision while they train. In addition, a universal eye socket frame ensures a comfortable, fuss free fit for both male and female swimmers.

Corrective Optical Goggles are also equipped with thermal plastic rubber gaskets, a durable, split, TPR head strap and easy adjust snap-lock side clips.

All polycarbonate lenses include full UVA/UVB protection.

For Ages 16+