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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate - SwimT3
Gift Certificate - SwimT3
Gift Certificate - SwimT3

Gift Certificate

Finding it hard to choose a gift for the swimmer or triathlete in your life?

Can't decide? Let them choose with a Gift Certificate!

It’s so easy! 

Purchase a gift certificate to the value of your choosing and send it to yourself or to your special someone. The gift certificate can then be redeemed to purchase any items on the Swim T3 WEBSITE by using the certificate number in the discount codes area when checking out. 

Attached are some pictures we have developed for you to print off and add with the email that will have the Gift Certificate codes.  

Please note: Everything you need to redeem your gift certificate is on the confirmation email. The pictures are not part of the confirmation email. If you would like to make use of the pictures, you would need to save the picture to your computer. (To save images - choose the image you want by clicking on it, then right click, 'save picture as' - click ‘save’ and save to your computer so you can email to your special person.) The pictures are an added option for you.

Send this gift certificate(s):
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You can purchase a gift certificate to any value.
Send the gift certificate to yourself or to your special someone.
The person will receive a Certificate number and a pin number via email. This Certificate number is to be used in the Discount Codes area (in the shopping Cart when you checkout) when you are purchasing an item from the Swim T3 WEBSITE. Once you click ‘Apply Coupon’ it will take the gift certificate price off the purchasing price. If you don’t use all if it, it will remain in your account until you wish to use it.

You can check your balance by going to your account, logging in and go to ‘Check your gift card balance.’ Enter you Certificate number and Pin number and it will show you how much credit you have left.